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Acrifix 2R0190 500g

Acrifix 2R0190 500g


R 454.34


2-Component polymerization adhesive. Clear, purplish viscous solution of an acrylic polymer in methyl methacrylate with polymerizes completely upon addition of catalyst ACRIFIX® CA 0020. Rapid further treatment possible.

Bonding of PLEXIGLAS® GS and XT. Also suitable for plastics such as PS, ABS, PVC, CAB and wood. Butt joints, area bonding and filler joints. Perfect for furniture, displays, store fixtures, model building, aquariums etc. Cured joints are almost colorless.

From order to delivery by courier takes approximately 3 to 5 business days.
Collection can be arranged at Parcelninja, Ashworth Logistics Park, Building C, 18 Laneshaw Street, Linbro Park, Frankenwald, Gauteng, South Africa.

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